Polypropylene Filter Cloth     Weight is lighter, acid and alkali resistant, but with shorter product life. Applied in chemical industry、food industry、pharmaceutical industry、sewage treatment.
Polyester Filter Cloth     Strong, weak ductility, good resistance to acid but unsuited for strong alkalis. Applied in chemical industry、electroplating industry、pharmaceutical industry、fertilizer.
Short Fiber Filter Cloth     High density of fibers on the surface, high dirt-holding capacity. Applied in dry filtration such as dust collection bag, cement and minerals industry.
Long Fiber Filter Cloth     Smooth surface, strong, used in wet filtration.
Activated Carbon Cloth     For absorb oil mist, fuel air, and organic compounds. The carbon powder will not release, which is applicable for all industries.
Nylon Filter Cloth     Fine filtration efficiency, with different micron rating to choose from. Applied in electronics industry, petrochemical industry, and beverage industry.