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    Single-Cartridge Stainless Steel Filter Housings are designed with T-bar clamp closure, creating easy operation and quick cartridge change out. The clamp closure provides better sealing and enables the housings to withstand higher operating pressure. Completely constructed by SUS304 and SUS316, the housings accept cartridge sizes in 10”, 20” and 30” with various end cap styles, and therefore become ideal choices for applications requiring high temperature and wide chemical compatibility.

Applicable for high temperature and special chemical which are not suitable for plastic housings.

All parts are completely made by SS304 and SS316 with excellent anti-corrosion ability.

Standard female PT, BSP and tapping NPT threads make connection easy and fit.

T-bar clamp provides better closure and enables higher operating pressure withstanding.

Units are all supplied with pipe plugs in the bottom for draining.

The housings accept Cartridge sizes in length 10", 20", 30" with end cap styles in DOE, 222 and 226 Flat/Fin.

Length of Cartridge 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 inch
Large-Size 10, 20 inch
Material of Construction SUS304, SUS316
Inlet/Outlet Size 3/4"、1" NPTF
Type Screw, Clamp
Flow Rate 6 CMH
Actual flow rates will be determined on
element selection and fluid viscosity.
End Cap DOE, 2-222 Flat, 2-222 Fin
Operating Pressure 5 bar ( Screw )    7 bar ( Clamp )
Applications Pre RO, Household Water Filtration, Chemicals, Laboratory Facilities, Electronics, Food & Beverage, In-line Liquid Processes