Grace bag filters are made of electrostatic filtration material, which differs from normal material. It not only has higher filtration efficiency that can capture particles >1μm, but also has greater dust loading capacity because of its structure. When applied with High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter, Grace bag filter can support it, conserving energy and reducing HEPA filter alteration frequency.

With fine airtightness and strength, the filter will not be broken or leak gas when the wind pressure is high.

The filter bag will not cover each other by over expansion since the six non-woven cloth serve as partitions.

Galvanized frame make the filter stable and solid.

Metal armor rod prevents the filter from the risk of broken by wind shear.

Decrease the frequency of changing HEPA filter, Grace filter helps clients cost down.

Media Color Yellow Pink Green Orange White
Average Efficiency 90% ~ 95% 80% ~ 85% 60% ~ 65% 45% ~ 50% 35% ~ 35%
Average Arrestance 99% 98% 97% 96% 92%