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    All aluminum and all stainless steel air filters are suitable for industrial ventilation. Made of 100% aluminum and stainless steel, the net and frame of the air filters are strong, showing the great dust collection efficiency as well as easy to clean and maintain. These advantages assist clients to solve the air-conditioned filtration problems with low cost. We provide a complete series of size of the two type filters, and custom made sizes are available.
    Metal filter is made of extended aluminum foil mesh or stainless steel wire mesh. By rolling to be crosswise, the filter can generate static electricity, leading to low resistance to air streams. Whether the aluminum or stainless steel filter is safe, strong, easy to clean, and high temperature resistant. For long-term usage, it is most cost effective to use the metal filter.

Specification :
    1. 1/2”: 3 layers of crosswise standard type.
    2. 1”: 5 layers of crosswise standard type.
    3. 2”: 9 layers of crosswise standard type.

Application :
    For the filtration system of precision industry cleanroom, such as pharmaceutical, food, semiconductor, laboratory, and hospital.

Thickness 25mm 50mm
Average Arrestance(%) 71.5 81.3
Dust Holding Capacity(g/m2) 977 1528